Our garden designers work hard to create stunning annual and perennial gardens designed to burst with color and texture. Perfect for enhancing any home or property, our garden design services and garden maintenance teams will create your dream garden.

Whether you’re looking for window boxes, seasonal displays or potted arrangements to blend with your home’s landscape and personality, we’re here to help. At King Landscape Service, Inc. we guarantee to help you create a beautiful garden that enhances the beauty of your home or business.


Every garden is different and we believe our garden design services should reflect that. Our varied service offerings include:

  • Creative Annual and Perennial Garden Design. Create a beautiful, unique garden bed that takes your ideal textures, colors and blooms into account.
  • Container and Window-Box Plantings. Dress up the outside of your home with potted containers and window box planters.
  • Bulb Plantings. Plant beautiful bulbs that bloom in the first part of every year. We’ll help you choose the ideal bulbs for your property and plant them in a way that ensures they’ll burst forth in the spring.
  • Garden Renovations. Have an existing garden you’d like to overhaul? We’re here to help. We provide garden renovation services to beautify an existing outdoor space with new blooms and bulbs.
  • Fall Displays and Plantings. You shouldn’t have to go without blooms just because it’s fall. Fall displays and plantings are designed to keep your home’s landscape beautiful long into the chilly days of fall.


Now that you’ve installed your beautiful outdoor garden, you need someone to maintain it. Luckily, we offer garden maintenance services as well. King Landscape Service, Inc. provides a series of complete annual and perennial maintenance, including:

  • Spring Garden Cleanup and Fall Cut-Back. Get your garden ready for the new season by cleaning out and cutting back last year’s plants and making way for new growth.
  • Prune and Deadhead Annuals and Perennials. Good pruning and deadheading keep the blooms coming all season long.
  • Weed and Cultivate Beds. Weeding is one of the most time-consuming aspects of having a garden. Here at Borst, we can provide outstanding weeding and cultivation services to keep your garden healthy and weed-free.
  • Fertilize Annuals and Perennials. Let us help you fertilize your beds for larger blooms, longer growing seasons and healthier plants.
  • Disease and Insect Control. Don’t let preventable insects or plant diseases ruin your garden beds. We have the skills and experience needed to help you banish problems like these and keep your plants flourishing.
  • Custom Pruning. Turn your garden into a unique work of art with our custom pruning services.


Your garden is one of the most beautiful elements of your home, and it’s smart to hire a professional to help you design and maintain it. King Landscape Service,Inc. has been serving Nassau county and surrounding areas for over ten years, and eager to assist property owners in the design and construction of their dream landscape.  

Contact us today to learn more about our garden design services.