Maintaining your landscaping and garden is a time-consuming process. Between spring and fall cleanups, edging, lawn cutting, weeding and cleaning your property’s hard surfaces, exterior maintenance can be exhausting, and it often feels like a full-time job.

At King Landscape Service, Inc., we’re happy to handle it for you. As one of the premier landscape design companies on Long Island, we offer a wide selection of landscape maintenance services to get you through the seasons with a beautiful and pristine outdoor space.

Our professional crew of landscape specialists back up weekly maintenance of your property, by performing services outside the scope of weekly maintenance . These tasks can include topsoil and seed, mulching, small plantings and pruning. This is ideal for anyone who needs high-quality landscape services but doesn’t know where to look, hasn’t worked with a landscaping team in the past or simply doesn’t want to think about doling out to-do lists each week.


In a collaborative effort to offer the best landscape maintenance services on Long Island, we go above and beyond. Our crews will leave a copy of a service report at the premise each time we visit your home. This keeps you in the loop and helps you stay informed about how we’re tending to your landscaping. 

Throughout the year, we’ll also conduct site inspections to ensure that your property looks its very best and to let you know if we have any special concerns regarding your landscaping, garden or property.

In every service we provide, we operate highly specialized crews dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of the work performed and delivering a superior landscape maintenance service you won’t find anywhere else.


King has set the bar in the South West Nassau County area for superior landscape maintenance services. Our professionalism, experience and reliability promise the highest quality final product.

  • King, is a professional landscape design company dedicated to providing outstanding landscape services. When you work with us, you get skilled and experienced teams who can manage your property the way it needs to be handled.
  • With an extensive background in landscape maintenance and design, we know what it takes to keep your property looking its absolute best. This expertise comes into play for each client we serve, and we guarantee beautiful results executed efficiently.
  • We tailor our landscape maintenance approach to each client we serve and are always happy to adjust it accordingly. If you need a service that’s unique to your property, we’ll go out of our way to offer it.
  • You shouldn’t have to babysit your landscape maintenance professionals. When you work with us, you’ll get reliable services that keep your landscape looking good with minimal effort on your part.

Your home’s landscaping is a significant investment, and it pays to keep it in great shape. Here at King Landscape Service, Inc. we can help you do that without requiring you to jump through lots of hoops in the process. Just tell us what your landscape maintenance needs are, and we’ll work with you to ensure they’re met by our teams of professional landscape maintenance experts.

To learn more about our landscape maintenance services or to get a quote for your home today, give our team a call. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about your home’s landscaping and how our team can help you maintain it correctly.